Test equipments for power generation systems


Typical utilization areas:

  • Performance tests of gensets, inverters or UPSs, also coupled with inductive loads.
  • Power dissipation in photovoltaic plants, to cut the energy peaks which neither load nor Mains are able to absorb at that particular time.
  • Filtering of harmonics.

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Typical utilization areas:

  • Efficiency tests of high power battery packs by means of a controlled discharge, to verify their performance decay after a precise number of charge/discharge cycles or after a specific utilization period.
  • Many avaliable sizes, also with powers of hundreds kW, from 48 to 800 VDC.

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  • Available in cases from 5 to 8 modules, single-phase or three-phase with power up to 15 kW, splitted into several steps for a more accurate power regulation, with remote or front panel commands.
  • Cooled with high airflow fans to ensure a high stability of power and equipped with airflow and temperature controls for a higher safety.

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Our realizations include:

  • Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) or Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) panels which allow a gen-set to start and maintain the electric power supply also in case of Mains failure.
  • Electric panels to manage L.V. power generating stations, with one or more gen-sets synchronized among them, running in island mode and/or connected to the electric grid.


Customization is our KEY WORD

The know-how gained by us till now about genset test systems - and more generally about power generation systems - has teached to us that each situation has its own distinctive features and it is not equal to another.

For those reasons, we can present a wide product range suitable for the most standard situations, but paying attention to our every customers' needs we can also manage to customize our standard equipments to Your specific design or, if needed, to propose and study together new or alternative and completely customized solutions.

  • Resistive Loads in modular sizes from 32 to over 600 kW
  • indictive loads in modular sizes from 48 to 380 kvar
  • Typical scale resolution: 1 kW/1 kvar
  • Stability of load also for long time test sessions
  • Long life and reliability of components and high quality of materials
  • Full customizable projects
  • Design, project and assembly completely MADE IN ITALY